Tooth Pain That Comes And Goes What Is Atypical Odontalgia

Tooth Pain That Comes And Goes (What Is Atypical Odontalgia?)

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After going to a dentist’s clinic, some patients may think it’s quite confusing to have throbbing gums and teeth still. Why does a toothache still occur when you just had a dental treatment? It is usual for patients to feel discomfort and pain right after cleaning or extraction. On the other hand, pain is a common tooth implants complication that patients may feel after a few months. If you feel symptoms of a loose crown or loose dental fillings, contact your previous specialized dentist. Tooth pain that comes and goes may be normal. But, if you have other symptoms such as recurring bleeding, pus, or swelling, it may lead to further health complications.


Is It Normal To Feel Phantom Tooth Pain?

Any dental service can have its side effects as most procedures are invasive. Even with the use of sedation or local anesthesia, gums, nerves, and teeth are all sensitive to any trauma. Hence, you may see the irritation in your gums that can cause mild to moderate teeth pain. A dental doctor can prescribe you medicines to combat inflammation and bacterial infection. Moreover, you can also ask for pain relief for tooth pain that comes and goes. Several of these medicines are also available as over-the-counter painkillers that anyone can buy at a drug store or pharmacy. 


What Causes Tooth Pain That Comes And Goes?

Tooth Pain That Comes And Goes

Sharp tingling tooth pain may come and go after your recovery period. Dentists suggest that patients who recently had their dental service rest and ate soft foods to decrease toothaches. However, some surgical procedures can cause complications even after the treatment. These events are unexpected and may or may not come from the malpractice of different dental experts. Specialized dentists call this phantom tooth pain that comes and goes, Atypical Odontalgia. Here are some causes that you may want to consider asking questions from your local dental clinic.


Root Canal Therapy

An infected root pulp or a necrotized tooth can have complex procedures, but root canal therapy is usually the dental solution for the repetitive tooth pain that comes and goes. Root canal treatment aims to remove the pulp with infection, disinfect, cleans, and shapes the canal to be ready for dental amalgam and other filling materials.


Tooth Extraction

Despite having an extraction for a toothache that comes and goes, some people still complain about recurring pain after a few hours, days, or even weeks. It may be a warning symptom that your tooth extraction formed deep sockets due to unsuccessful soft tissue healing. Several reasons for a dry socket comes from periodontal diseases such as gingivitis or periodontitis. Inflammation and bacteria can stop the healing process of blood clotting. Furthermore, if you just had an impacted wisdom tooth extraction, the intense throbbing pain behind the jaw due to nerve sensitivity stays. Hence, it is best always to follow the medical dosage for pain relief to eliminate the chances of having a dry socket.


Loose Dental Fillings

Dental fillings in root canal therapy fill in the empty canals after cleaning the infection. Several patients, particularly, seniors and older adults, may feel that their filling material becomes loose or falls away. Several issues that people complain about are tooth pain when eating or chewing. Since dislodged dental fillings may come off, crowns can also affect the way a person moves his or her teeth. Hence, when your crown on your teeth becomes loose, it is safe to keep it in a tray or container before going back to an endodontist. Despite the incident not being a dental emergency all the time, you may need immediate dental procedure the next day.


Infection In The Gums Or Tooth

Infections in the gums or teeth can cause another possible problem for tooth pain that comes and goes. An abscess is a bacterial infection that can show as pus with a pocket on top of a tooth root or beside it. Several abscess cases are signs that your teeth and gums are getting worse due to neglect over time. It can become risky for individuals with infection to only rely on painkillers for relief. Gum disease can spread from these infections and become periodontitis. A cavity can become severe tooth decay if you don’t schedule an appointment in Bondi Beach Dental.


How Do You Treat Atypical Odontalgia?

Tooth Pain That Comes And Goes Treatment

Usually, people with Atypical Odontalgia or a neuropathic facial pain doesn’t have a direct or definite cause. The diagnosis of the reasons can become confusing for dentists causing treatments to either be wrong or not enough. Today, constant examinations and diagnosing the dull or pressure from a possible crack or chipped teeth can relieve the issue. Yet, it is also suggested that a patient goes to several dentists like endodontists, periodontists, or orthodontists for Atypical Odontalgia. Additionally, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon may also give professional advice for your upper and lower teeth remedies.


Do I Need A Dentist If The Throbbing Pain Becomes Severe?

Teeth and toothaches come and go as people experience different dental pain through the ages. Yet, consistent throbbing pain can even lead to dental emergencies. As soon as you see these symptoms below, visit your specialized dentist:

  • Swelling in the cheeks or jaw bone area
  • Difficulty breathing or swallowing food
  • Pain in the ear, neck, or throat

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