kids toothache

Kid’s Toothache: What’s the Cause And How To Treat?

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What is a kid’s toothache? What are the causes and symptoms of it? How can I treat a kid’s toothache? A toothache is when there is an inflamed and infected tooth in a kid’s mouth. And for a kid, it is the nonstop throbbing pain on his mouth with no relief in sight. Dr Ken, an experienced dentist near Lindfield, can help you treat your kid’s toothache.



kids toothache

A toothache occurs when there are inflammation and infection of the pulp inside your tooth. The pulp is the part inside your tooth that is soft and has nerves and blood vessels. A kid’s toothache, their view, is the nonstop throbbing pain he or she felt that with no solution in sight. The toothaches might be considered dental emergencies, but a toothache doesn’t always cause mouth pain. Earaches, an eruption of your teeth, sinus infection and sores in your mouth are other causes of mouth pain. A visit to your dentist when your child experiences a mouth pain is vital to identify the cause of the pain. One of the frequent reasons why a child’s toothache occurs is due to diet-related, like eating foods with high sugar content or excessive drinking of soda.

If your kid has a toothache, you need to be as nurturing and gentle as possible in dealing with him or her. And if your child’s toothache becomes more severe, might be due to broken tooth or tooth decay, a visit to your dentist is a must.



A growing mouth pain in your kid should not be ignored, as it may lead to a more serious issue you’re your dentist should urgently address. And before you choose a home toothache remedy that suits your kid, you should first check the causes of kid’s pain. A child’s toothache is the pain he or she felt inside or around their tooth that may be caused by these following factors.

  • Your kid may have rotten teeth or tooth decay.
  • There is a tooth fracture in your kid’s mouth.
  • An abscessed tooth in your child’s mouth.
  • A damaged filling in your kid’s teeth.
  • Your kid has infected gum.
  • A toothache may occur by repetitive motions, like grinding teeth or chewing gum.



For a kid’s toothache, symptoms may vary depending on how severe the kid’s pain is. A symptom of your kid’s toothache may be due to any of the following dental complications:

  • Cracked enamel or chipped teeth
  • Developing teeth
  • Missing or loose fillings
  • When there is food that is stuck in between your teeth can progressively become more unbearable.
  • Tooth decay or tooth erosion


A symptom of a kid’s toothache may vary in each child. Here are the most common symptoms of a toothache.

kids toothache

  • There is a nonstop, throbbing pain in your tooth.
  • The hot or cold liquids or foods make the pain in your tooth gets worse.
  • When your tooth is touched, the pain in your tooth gets worse.
  • Your kid may have a fever.
  • The soft part of your jaw that surrounds your tooth might be sore.
  • Your kid may feel weak or malaise, or generally tired.



Treatment of your kid’s toothache may vary depending on age, symptoms and general health. And treatment may also vary on how severe the condition of your kid’s toothache. According to these dentists, these are the treatments recommended to ease your kid’s toothache.

  • The dentist might give your kid antibiotics.
  • Warm salt water will rinse your kid’s mouth.
  • Pain medicine for your kid’s toothache.
  • Your dentist may recommend to your child for a tooth removal.
  • If necessary, your dentist may recommend a simple filling for a child.
  • It may be needed that your child may undergo a draining of a pus-filled infection or abscess.
  • Your dentist may perform surgery on your kid to remove the inflamed and infected pulp inside your kid’s tooth.

And if your kid’s toothache is severe, then your kid might be treated in a hospital. An antibiotic might be administered to your kid through an intravenous or IV tube.


Home remedies

A kid’s toothache can be difficult to deal with, for them. But, with the help of home remedies, your kid may be able to get some help or relief. Below are the home remedies that can relieve your kid’s toothache. All of the remedies are safe for the child who’s experiencing a toothache. Here are the home toothache remedies that you can see at home and can be bought in a grocery shop.

  • The cheapest and easiest to find a home remedy for a toothache is warm salt water as salt is used as an anti-bacterial preservative and clkids toothacheeaner and can fight the bacteria in your mouth.
  • Peppermint is a safe home remedy for your kid’s toothache.
  • You can also use garlic in relieving your kid’s toothache.
  • Cloves are popular home remedy on toothache for adults, and it is also effective on kids.
  • Over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medicines like ibuprofen can be a relief solution to your kid’s toothache. But be sure that the medicine is age-appropriate.

If your kid’s toothache becomes severe and home remedies are not working, go to and contact them today.

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