sleeping comfortably

When Can I Sleep on My Side After Breast Augmentation? A Comprehensive Guide

Are you eagerly awaiting the day when you can sleep comfortably on your side after undergoing breast augmentation? Don’t worry, this article will provide you with the answers to the quality sleep that you seek. Discover the optimal timeline for when you can safely resume side sleeping post-surgery, allowing you to rest peacefully while optimizing […]

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can a hiatal hernia cause back pain

Can a Hiatal Hernia Cause Back Pain: Exploring the Relationship

Can a hiatal hernia cause back pain? This question often arises for individuals experiencing discomfort relieving back pain and hiatal hernia, in their backs. Understanding the relationship between hiatal hernias and back pain is essential in seeking proper diagnosis and treatment. This article will explore the potential connection between hiatal hernias affected disc and back […]

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The doctor discusses the treatment with his patient.

Sedation Vs General Anesthesia: What is The Difference?

Suppose you are anxious about your upcoming medical procedure. In that case, you may perhaps be looking for medication that will help you relax. You may want to know the difference between sedation vs general anesthesia. Talk to your doctor to know your preference and the right one for your health condition. Some patients may need this awareness to have a successful trip to the dentist.

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complications in hernia repair

Hernia Surgery Complications: What You Need To Know

When an organ or internal tissue splits into a hole in the muscles, it can cause a hernia. They tend to grow in size, and in rare circumstances, cause life-threatening complications. Unfortunately, hernias do not usually heal on their own. Depending on the severity of your condition, your doctor might recommend surgery. While this type of surgery is relatively safe, side effects still can happen.

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