Dental Implant Pressure Pain

Dental Implant Pressure Pain: Possible Complications

Dental implant pressure pain is a common dental problem caused by dental implants. The dental implant involves dental surgery, where an artificial tooth root is inserted into the jawbone. There are possible complications for this type of dental procedure, and one of them is dental implant pressure pain. Like trusted dentists from Radiant Smiles Bundoora, getting qualified dental practitioners is the key to preventing these dental implant complications. Keep reading to know the different causes of dental implant pain, how it feels, and how you can avoid it!

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Dental Implant

Pain 2 Weeks After Dental Bone Graft Surgery: Is It Normal?

Why do dental implants need bone grafting techniques? Is it normal to have pain 2 weeks after dental bone graft surgery and dental implant surgery? If you recently had dental implants, you might be wondering when you can expect your discomfort and pain to lessen after the treatment. The Bondi Beach Dental’s team can help you be informed about aftercare and the healing process even if you get your implant from another dental provider. Read on to learn more about bone grafts and dental implants, including the post-operative care you need to follow.

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a man experiencing sharp pain in the eye

Sharp Pain In The Eye: Common Causes And Best Treatment Options

Have you experienced a sudden sharp pain in the eye? Are you familiar with what can cause this acute pain in the eye? We will try to uncover the reasons behind this eye pain and the best treatment options for it. Meanwhile, you can also get advice from professionals performing Lasik eye surgery in Melbourne. Through a surgical procedure, they can correct the focusing power of your eyes. In effect, you won’t need optical aids, such as glasses and contact lenses.

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