allswell mattress review and analysis

Allswell Mattress Review: Affordable Sleeping Experience


If you’re searching for a budget-friendly mattress from a well-known brand, Allswell may be the ideal choice for you. Allswell Home aims to give its clients a luxurious sleeping pleasure that lowers back pain by utilizing hybrid mattress technology. Moreover, their products work without any of the premium market values. Sounds too good to be true? This Allswell mattress review will go over everything you need to know. We’ll discuss important aspects to consider, including its firmness, feel, pricing, and many more.



Allswell Mattress Overview

This four-layer mattress, which is available on both the Allswell and Walmart websites, comprises foam and coils, which allows for its comfortable neutral-foam feel. Overall, we believe the Allswell mattress offers a good return on investment and is pleasant and adaptable enough for the majority of sleepers.


Allswell Mattress Feel

Despite the fact that the mattress includes a layer of memory foam integrated through its cover, the bed does not have an overpowering memory foam sensation. Although there is a slight foam feeling to the cushion, we believe it’s more like a soft and neutral sensation.

The upper layers are fluffy and comforting, but they don’t adapt or mold to your body’s contours like that of the upper layers of a genuine memory foam bed. Nonetheless, we still believe the bed resembles a firmer version of a memory foam mattress.



When it comes to responsiveness, the upper layers do not instantly return to their original position once you take off the pressure from the bed. But in general, they’re also not sluggish. This bed does not give a drowning feeling. For us, switching between different sleeping positions was a breeze.

This feature is good news for those who tend to move around a lot while sleeping. These sorts of sleepers may have a sense of being stuck in the bed while using memory foam beds. Thus, making it even more challenging to transfer from one position to another. Thankfully, that isn’t the case with the Allswell mattress.



When it comes to firmness, we believe the mattress falls somewhere between medium to slightly firm. Although the bed is stiffer than the usual bed-in-a-box, we think it provides a good mix of support and comfort to its users.


Pressure Relief

Any expert would recommend searching for a mattress with appropriate pressure relief underneath the hips and shoulders for side sleepers. The same is true if you have joint discomfort or arthritis. On our firmness scale, we think side sleepers will be fine using Allswell. However, this opinion is only applicable for those with a petite body build. Others looking for extra comfort in their pressure points should consider additional options.


Temperature Control

allswell mattress sleeping typeIn terms of coolness, we don’t believe you’ll feel hot in this bed. Basing on our experience, people will more likely sleep at a balanced temperature. In another sense, your bed will neither be a significant source of heat generation nor will it be a cooling mattress.

We have these feelings for two reasons. First, the mattress comes close to a firmer grade than soft grade. Therefore, instead of sleeping around the bed, you might feel like sleeping on top of it. This characteristic would also prevent the upper layers from hugging or gripping your body. Furthermore, the bed only has a small layer of memory foam. No insulations are present around the coils in the mattress. Thus, it lowers friction which also prevents warm temperature.


Mattress Construction

that has both foam and coil layers. The bed is 10 inches thick in total. The four layers of the mattress consist of the following:


Base Layer

The mattress has a thin layer of durable poly foam on top, which serves as a structural foundation for the coils above it.


Support Layer

As its name suggests, these are six-inch individually wrapped coils that serve as the bed’s central support system.


Transition Layer

A two-inch layer of soft poly-foam sits on top of the coils. It serves as a transition from the coil underneath.


Comfort Layer

a quilting cover with three or four inches of gel memory foam, giving the bed a more premium feel and appearance.


Taking Care of the Mattress Cover

Because there are stitches on the cover of the bed, removing it is not possible. As a result, if you happen to spill anything or the surface gets soiled in some way, you won’t be able to unzip it and wash it. Instead, you need to use a light detergent and a little water to spot the cover clean.

Nonetheless, that is just how most bed-in-a-box beddings get cleaned. This type of bedding is similar to detachable ones, so it’s not a significant concern at the end of the day. If you’re worried about your bedding becoming dirty, Allswell also offers mattress protectors. Otherwise, another good option is going through a variety of mattress coverings of your liking.


Body Type Analysis

It’s crucial to analyze how your body structure, BMI, and weight impact your perception of different mattresses. This principle means the same bed might feel very different to people of various sizes. For this review, we usually write our assessments from the perspective of a medium-sized sleeper. Other body types, on the other hand, must also be addressed.


Petite Body Types

For those with a bodyweight of less than one hundred and fifty pounds, the Allswell Hybrid mattress is ideal. Although, it is essential to consider that lighter sleepers might find the bed to be much firmer. As a result, lightweight sleepers who spend more time on their side may find the mattress overly firm.


Average Body Type

As previously stated, our Allswell bedding review is basing on the perspective of an average-sized individual. We discover that the Allswell bed is a good fit for persons in this size range, providing equal support and comfort.


Heavy Body Type

The Allswell Hybrid mattress is among the few bed-in-a-box beds that can accommodate persons weighing above two hundred and fifty pounds. That is something we say for two main reasons.

First and foremost, the bed is on the firmer side of the spectrum. One concern for overweight sleepers is they often experience loss of alignment with the rest of their body, especially when laying in overly fluffy mattresses. Their hips tend to sink too far into the bedding, causing discomfort. With the Allswell mattress, sleepers can lay closer to the bed’s surface rather than dropping deep into the top cover.

Second, pleated coils are helpful in the creation of the Allswell mattress. According to experts, heavier people must use a coil-spring bed since they intentionally provide bi-directional stability when laying on them. They’re also more lasting than all-foam mattresses.


Sleeper Analysis


Back Sleepers

For back sleepers, the Allswell Hybrid mattress is an excellent choice. These people want firmer beddings with enough support, unlike side sleepers. In our opinion, the Allswell hybrid mattress does that precisely. Our team believed that they received sufficient support beneath their lower backs and that their hips were in better alignment with the rest of their bodies.


allswell mattress materialsStomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers, similar to back sleepers, require a mattress that supports their lower extremities and keeps their hips and spines aligned. If you like to sleep on your stomach, the Allswell mattress is a good option. Although it isn’t the firmest mattress on the market, we believe it provides adequate support, making it fall into a sweet spot for many backs and stomach sleepers.


Side Sleepers

While the mattress belongs on the firmer side, we still think Allswell mattresses are a viable choice for side sleepers. This option works not unless you prefer a truly soft mattress. Considering all things, this bed is comfortable enough for any side sleeper, especially if they are heavier.


Mattress Sharing

We believe the Allswell mattress will be ideal for couples or for those who share a bed. The mattress does an excellent job of minimizing motion transfer and providing edge support. When looking for a new cushion, these are two essential considerations for couples.


Edge Support

A part of our discovery includes how the bed has enough edge support. And although it isn’t the most exemplary edge support we’ve ever tried or tested, it is enough for the task. This feature is particularly essential for couples who share a smaller mattress. Contrary to popular perception, not every couple enjoys cuddling all night. The edge support allows more useable room for both individuals to spread through without worrying that they might go off the edges.


Motion Isolation

The top layers help absorb movements rather well, despite the coils giving the mattress a little bounce. Throughout our tests, we only managed to see slight motion transmission from one side to the other.


Product Cost and Discounts

Depending on the size you prefer, the Allswell mattress comes at reasonable prices. It’s a lot less expensive than any typical mattress in a box. We believe this bed is a good bargain, considering the quality of manufacturing and the fact that a well-known bedding brand makes it.

What makes their mattresses even more interesting, you ask? Allswell Home frequently provides coupon codes and promotional discounts to its consumers. These are often available during holidays and special events.


product cost allswell mattressOur Final Verdict

Overall, the Allswell mattress is a massive hit for all of us. It is a plush mattress that fits all body types and sleepers, and to top it all off; it excels in nearly every area. When you consider how inexpensive it is, you’re looking at one of the best-valued mattresses in the market. So, it’s not that surprising when this brand appears on a number of lists for the best types of mattresses. If you want to further improve your sleep quality, you can go to this website to learn more.



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