Who We Are

This website is for health professionals dealing in research, assessment and treatment of pain. There are over 12000 sites, and nearly 3 million pages which deal with pain on the web. These include some very informed but very narrow sites, drug company and equipment manufacturing sites, society sites and many others. Some are good, some confusing and some are quite frankly awful.

We think there needs to be a website to help you to know what is on the best of the other websites. We hope that this will be it. This will require a fair amount of funding, but we hope to be able to develop this.

In the meantime this site will contain useful information, constantly updated, which will be of great interest to health professionals. It will include details of forthcoming meetings and reports on those meetings as they take place. Top personalities in the field of pain and its relief will be interviewed. Their opinions, and those of others in the field, will be highlighted and discussed. There will be case studies showing both routine and difficult histories. News and views, regularly updated, will make this a site you need to log on to on a regular basis. There will be a noticeboard for you to contact your colleagues around the world with your interests, questions and comments. There will be a job segment, with details of the many jobs worldwide available in the field in all disciplines.

The future

In the second phase of development, we hope to look at education and training. We will forge links with the various society websites and flag up on this site when they have something new to say. We will monitor the world press, television and radio, and report on pain-related topics. We will encourage contributions from our viewers, including papers, comments and research. We will develop a discussion room.

Any information on jobs, meetings, reports and news will be gratefully accepted. Details of opinions, case studies and ideas can be e-mailed to Dr Chris Wells at [email protected], and some may be included for publication. This site will be as good as you make it. We will do our best; hopefully you will do yours.