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After Hours Urgent Care- Why You Should Consider It?

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Life is full of uncertainty. One day you’re strong and healthy, and one day you’re not. The thing is, we’ll never know when we’ll need medical emergency care. As if things aren’t bad enough, emergencies happen while everybody is supposed to be asleep. SDG Baulkham Hills can help you and even provide after hours urgent care for you and your family.


Advantages Of After Hours Urgent Care

Getting to the emergency room is probably one of the most reasonable things to do when someone needs urgent primary care. This is because most people are not aware of the care center in their community that caters to patients that need medical emergency care.

Here are the reasons why urgent care on the after hours are better than the ER:

Cheap and affordable

In comparison with emergency care, after-hours urgent care is more affordable. In fact, studies show that getting primary care in a care center could save you at least 50% in expenses. Plus, they are also accredited by medical insurance providers. Who knows, you might not spend a dollar at all.

Faster procedures

With fewer patients to take care of, workers in an after hours care center can attend to you immediately. Unlike emergency rooms who base the situation according to the severity of the patient’s condition, care centers will take care of you no matter how light or severe your condition is. It does not matter if you only have a sprained ankle or an injured arm; the staff will look after you with utmost care.

Plenty of services

patient and compassionate doctorWhat’s great about having a care clinic in the community is that they can provide different services even during the most unexpected hours. If you need a medical exam as a requirement for a job application, they have it. Or if you got injured due to an accident, they can take care of you as well. Several screening tests are also available in care clinics.

They provide supporting documents.

Most companies allow their workers to reimburse the amount they spent on treatment if they get injured during working hours. Care clinics help their patients in claiming the refund by providing the necessary documents they need.

Proper assistance

Technically, a care center cannot diagnose or treat diseases and illnesses. Those things are often beyond their services. However, they will not just send a patient home without assistance. They will point you in the right direction so you can get primary care. Additionally, they partner with specialists to refer you to if your condition is beyond their capabilities.

Overall, urgent care centers can be your second option if you cant get a hold of your primary care provider. They can do just as well as big facilities without taking too much of your time.



While urgent care centers have many advantages, there are also some drawbacks to consider. As you have already noticed, urgent care centers cannot provide primary care for their patients because they are not fully equipped. What does this mean? Unlike ER’s, care centers cannot cater to patients with life-threatening situations. This includes those who have met accidents and need immediate care from the hospital.

Moreover, you will most likely meet different doctors in urgent care facilities. This would mean that every time you visit the center, the doctors you meet will review your records repeatedly. Some people also claim that the quality of service provided by care centers is not as good as hospital services. This is a case-to-case basis as many individuals can attest that the services are just the same.

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