Kids Grinding Teeth Can Cause Serious Dental Pain

Kids Grinding Teeth Can Cause Serious Dental Pain (A Parent’s Guide)

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As parents, it is essential to give the best health support for your kids growing up. However, there are many immediate concerns once your kids start being active and completely forgetting their hygiene responsibilities. Going through a lot of pain at night due to teeth issues can be one of the worse things a parent wants to avoid. Kids grinding teeth can be a severe dental concern. Its side effects, such as bleeding and chipped, damaged teeth may recur until their future years. When you want to stop grinding teeth problems as an adult as well, you can also learn a few of these tips. You may visit… to read more on how to stop teeth grinding.

What Is Bruxism (Teeth Grinding)?

Your child may complain of disturbing toothache, whether it is a regular school day or during at night. It is not always a symptom of anxiety when kids grinding teeth issues happen overnight. Bruxism or teeth grinding are some of the common dental health problems of both kids and adults. It occurs when the nerves of the gums are sensitive to many factors such as bacteria, teeth growth, or sleeping disorder. If you want to stop grinding teeth for your kids, you should also be responsible for their dental routine. Keep reading this article; we also have a few tips that you can use to stop grinding teeth for kids. 

What Are The Symptoms of Bruxism (Teeth Grinding)?

Aside from stressful toothaches at night, your kid may experience some of these bruxism (teeth grinding) symptoms. Parents with young kids or babies must check their gums for growing teeth. Nowadays, dental products are also fit for babies and younger kids. Check out some of the other symptoms that you should look out for in your child’s dental health care. 

Difficulty in Breathing

A kid may complain about the problem in breathing either during the morning or at night. A misaligned jaw can also affect breathing. Most doctors see that teeth misalignment is usually connected with sleep apnea. However, most kids can outgrow bruxism once all the permanent teeth show up.

Sleepless Nights 

Aside from stress, your child may complain about not feeling sleepy due to their dental health’s condition. If your kid has constant sleepless nights, it can also be a massive problem for both their physical and emotional health. Did you know? A person’s bruxism (teeth grinding) can also affect a kid’s physical and emotional health. You may want to check a sleep doctor alongside your child’s dental professional. 

Pain When Eating, Talking, Or Opening Mouth

A sore jaw is a physical manifestation of these teeth grinding concerns. They may experience pain while talking to their peers, eating food, or even opening their mouths. Any recurring symptom, such as jaw pain, must have an oral and maxillofacial doctor to check their concern.

Broken, Crooked Teeth

Another physical manifestation of this oral health problem is a loose, broken, or chipped tooth. Your kids may also have crooked tooth grooves, and they may even keep the tooth at night. It would help if you also asked your kid to keep the loose tooth for the dental visit. A professional can still try to restore the missing teeth. 

Can A Parent Manage Pain From A Kids Grinding Teeth?Kids Grinding Teeth A Parents Guide

According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, kids may feel withdrawn from their peers due to teeth grinding. However, you should not worry about how to manage your kids’ grinding teeth if you know these tips. First of all, you can manage the pain by going to a dentist first. Your child’s pediatric dentist can tell what the primary source is and how teeth may stop grinding. Pain relievers can help subside the toothache. However, you may also want to use kid-friendly toothpaste and mouthwash for rinse. It is also best to talk to your child when he or she feels anxiety or stress due to different situations. Moreover, check your kid’s diet. Sugar and carbohydrates can generate bacteria and germs more than the usual rate. 

When Symptoms Don’t Stop

If your kid doesn’t stop grinding despite the tips we’ve given, it is best to get to an emergency dentist right away. You may have to check if your kid is suffering from periodontal diseases. Gingivitis is a higher form of cavities that may include bleeding, red spots, and inflammation of gums. However, you may also want your kids to check for severe cases of periodontitis. Schedule a dental appointment as regularly as you can to prevent your kid from being at risk. 

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