tooth extraction and implant pain

Tooth Extraction and Implant Pain


Do tooth extraction and implant pain? The answer is yes. Some mild form of pain is experienced after a tooth implant or extraction. You should not experience pain during the procedure since the anesthesia administered prevents any discomfort. For this type of painless dentistry, you might wanna visit’s clinic in Gosford. However, when the anesthesia starts to wear off, the numbness decreases, sickness will set in, thus making you uncomfortable

The amount of tooth extraction and implant pain depends significantly on the extent to which the teeth was affected. The number of teeth extracted or implanted will also determine the scope of the pain will be involved, and even the time it will take to heal, thus doing away with the pain completely.

So, how long should pain last?

There is no precise answer as to how pain should last for every patient. Time will vary from one person to another. Typically most people will experience some discomfort for the first five days; then the pain decreases afterward. During that time, your dentist will describe some pain relievers drugs such as ibuprofen to reduce pain. Swelling is also likely to occur, but it can last for only three days.

Note that tooth extraction and implant pain under normal conditions should not last for more than ten days. Below are a dental implant and extraction timeframes. The guidelines give you a rough idea of what to expect after the dental procedure.

After One Week.
There could be some mild form of pain at this time. It is recommended to follow the dentist’s instructions. Ensure to take enough rest to give time the healing process. The pian can go for up to 10 days, but it should be a mild form of pain. As stated, the number of teeth involved in the procedure will determine the pain duration.

After Two Weeks
At standard conditions, there shouldn’t be a pain at this time. Healing is complete but still don’t chew tough food. If you are still experiencing pain, there are high chances of gum infection. Contact your doctor, immediately for further examination of the causes of the pain.

tooth extraction and implant pain

After 3-4 Months
Tooth implants and extraction pain at this stage is likely to as a result of multi causes such as ;

  1. Autoimmune diseases
  2. Poor blood supply
  3. Interactions with other medications
  4. Poor overall health
  5. An infection,
  6. Overloading which is a form of a complication
  7. Rejection of the implant by the body
  8. Allergic reaction
  9. Nerve or tissue damage

Consider visiting your dentist today in case of such prolonged tooth implant and extraction pain.

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