sharp stabbing pain in breast

Reasons For Your Sharp Stabbing Pain In Breast

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Our body has a natural way of indicating any major illness by detecting symptoms such as sharp stabbing pain in the breast. Conditions like this may call for a surgical operation done at the nearest hospital. However, there are also helpful ways that you can do to diagnose yourself of a related problem to your breast. Home remedies such as physical examination of your breasts, as well as other skin or breast swelling during monthly periods, should be taken note of and told to your doctor immediately. Treatments of early signs of breast cancers, benign or not, would totally help you save not just your life but your financial concerns as well. Know what this surgeon offering breast implants in Sydney says about breast pain and you’ll save yourself from impending trouble.

Possible Reasons For The Pain

Establishing information on the possible reasons for your sharp stabbing pain in breast can help avoid complications for your health’s future. The intensity of the pain can already be a clue on what to look out for and how to detect what kind of breast problem it may be. Sometimes the pain may even extend to other parts of your body such as your underarm and even your pack. Consider going to your doctor for an annual physical examination and tell about the intensity of the pain that you are experiencing to quickly diagnose and separate the illnesses based on your experience.

Breast Structure

sharp stabbing pain in breast

Breast sizes and bra preferences may have conflicts whenever you are wearing an incorrect size. You should also choose products that are wireless or will not cause a poking effect on your breast and skin to avoid skin infections or breast tissue concerns. Incorrect sizes of your bra may even give further complications to the pain that you are feeling and could result in breast cancer problems as well.

Reproductive Hormones

Your period cycle may be also the cause of the pain, as having your monthly period will increase hormones on your reproductive system. On the other hand, post-menopausal women may still feel pain in the chest which is categorized as noncyclic breast pain. It usually happens for those taking medicine related to post-menopausal issues such as oral contraceptive pills, hormone replacement therapies as well as antidepressants.

Previous Surgery On the Breast

Upon surgery on the breast, nerves, tissues, and cells are removed to stop the cancer cells from spreading towards the other parts of the body. However, if you are feeling that the pain is not going away after the surgery, it means that your body has a longing sensation for the nerves that were removed. This is a common situation for patients who have undergone major surgeries like breast removal or reduction.

Benign Or Malignant Tumors

Tumors on the breast may be classified into two categories: Benign, which are non-cancerous and Malignant, which should be removed immediately since they are harmful tumors. Both of these tumors may definitely give the feeling of the pain in the breast as well.

Seeing Your Doctor

If you are feeling that you are not able to endure the pain and alleviate the remedies at home, immediately ask for emergency help. Some of the sharp stabbing pain in the breast already indicates a major health problem. Ask your doctor about breast pain treatments and options whenever this happens to you. Proceed with caution regarding surgeries and maintain a healthy lifestyle to ensure your breast’s nutrition and safety.

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