sharp pain after hernia surgery

Sharp Pain After Hernia Surgery

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If you are experiencing pain after hernia surgery, it is very likely that it will not be permanent. The pain (both its intensity and how long it lasts) will depend on the type of surgery that was used, your age, the size and location of the hernia, and your overall health. After the surgery, you can seek home doctors services to help with recovery.

The pain can be due to damaged nerves that resulted from the surgery, or it can be due to nerves that have become trapped in the hernia mesh. It is also possible that the pain is related to your muscles, skin, or tissues, rather than the nerves.

sharp pain after hernia surgery

Again, it’s likely that the pain is temporary and there are some ways to deal with it, such as over-the-counter medication or prescribed medication. Staying active can also help with the pain such as by taking short walks and slightly increasing the amount you walk every day. Other ways of combating the pain include your doctor or surgeon removing tissue at the pain site in order to decrease its intensity, removing the hernia mesh, or possibly using anesthetic injections to help temporarily stop the pain.

If you’re experiencing pain, it is important to tell your doctor everything relating to it. Your doctor should know where the pain is, the intensity of the pain, and when the pain started. You should also tell your doctor how the pain feels: is it sharp, cramping, or squeezing pain? Also discuss if the pain is constant or if it comes and goes, if it disrupts your sleep patterns, if it’s stopping you from doing everyday activities, and if anything lessens or worsens the pain.

Pain after hernia surgery is expected for about a week after the surgery, but if you are experiencing sharp pain after hernia surgery, especially if it’s been for longer than 3 months, your doctor should be notified.

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