rhinoplasty recovery tips

Rhinoplasty recovery tips


Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery commonly known as nose reshaping or nose job which reshape the nose to make it look bigger, smaller or in different angles. Basically, the recovery takes about a few months but the full recovery may take anywhere from one to three years depending on the patient health and complexity of the surgery process. When you visit this site at http://rhinoplastybrisbanecost.com.au/nose-job… you can read about rhinoplasty recovery.

Here are some tips for a good recovery from rhinoplasty surgery    

  • Only liquid and soft food allowed on the day of surgery and four hours after surgery.     
  • Take good rest after nose surgery and if possible take at least two weeks leave from work and rest to recover faster.    
  • Use frozen peas or ice pack to reduce swelling. Avoid applying directly at the nose instead, use around the nose area and cheek.    
  • Avoid sneezing as this can cause bleeding in your nasal. If cannot avoid, try to open your mouth when sneezing to minimize the pressure on the nose.    
  • Try walking as an exercise after day three or four of recovery as this can increase blood circulation. Avoid rigorous exercise at all costs.    
  • Avoid direct sunlight as it can cause itchiness and redness.    
  • Use saline solution which is made up of saltwater solution to avoid your nose drying up. A dry nose can damage the recovering bone.    
  • Avoid anti-inflammatory medication as this type of medication will dilute blood vessels and increases swelling.    
rhinoplasty recovery tips
  • Go on a good diet plan as a good diet will speed up the recovery process. Try taking more nutrient-based food and avoid spicy food.    
  • Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking for the first few weeks.    
  • Stick to low sodium diet food and avoid high intake of salt as it can increase fluid retention which in turn can increase swelling.    
  • Make juice out of pineapple core and drink as it contains bromelain which can reduce pain and inflammation.    
  • Avoid wearing glasses for the first few weeks.    
  • Finally and most importantly always talk with your surgeon in case of any doubts and issues. Surgeons can give the best tips for your speedy recovery.


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