pain under breast implant years later

Pain under breast implant years later explained

Breast surgery

The breast augmentation procedure is on high demand these days following its aesthetic benefits. If you’ve already had children, in some cases you need only a breast augemantation to restore the fullness to your breasts. If you’re interested, you can try out the surgery for mummy makeover in Sydney to bring back the young looking you. However, you might wanna understand the pain under breast implant years later prior to giving breast augmentation surgery a go.

Pain under breast implants years later is an issue which women may face years after implanting breasts. It may happen after five, ten or fifteen years. There are two main reasons for this pain occurring years after surgery.

•You may have strained muscles around your chest or
•You have capsular contracture

Remember, breast implants do not have lifespan and complications are likely to occur after few years.

As far as strained muscles near your chest area are concerned, it is not a big issue as it may happen due to either sole muscles after work-out when you put pressure on your chest or cough related illness or due to costochondritis where inflammation of joints of the ribs happen which links cartilage with bone. When you cough and as there is lesser space between your implanted breasts and bones, so a little collision occurs in rib junction and this causes inflammation which resultantly causes pain in chest.

What to do:

pain under breast implant years later

•Consult your doctor for anti-inflammatory medicine
•Try to reduce frequency of cough
•Use muscle relaxants
•Avoid additional movements unless your issue is resolved.

On the other hand, if you have capsular contracture problem, then it needs to be addressed immediately because it means that your body is significantly rejecting breast implants.

•It may happen due to an infection while surgery if proper measure of hygiene haven’t been kept into consideration.
•If your body has Seroma after surgery: These fluid pockets should dissolve after surgery on their own but if they don’t, they may cause inflammation.
•Hematoma is a blood filled swelling which may occur on your skin near breasts and look like a bruise. If not treated in time, it can cause fever and pain and can contracture your breast implants.

What to do:

•You must immediately consult your plastic surgeon for thorough examination.
•You may go under an MRI to identify the cause of your pain and discomfort and surgeon will evaluate your situation.
•Depending on severity of your condition, a repairing procedure will be followed by your surgeon.

Pain under breast implant years later is a concerning issue which should be addressed immediately.

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