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Pain management after big boob implants surgery

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After undergoing a boob implant, a varied level of pain and discomfort is expected. Tiredness and sores might run for a few days. The nipples also have a sensation that may last for weeks. To lessen the pain you might experience, ask your surgeon or know tips on how to manage pain after surgery for boob implants in Perth clinic.

The amount of pain is dependent on many factors. Among them is the size of your implant. Big boob implants will come with more pain. This’s why big boob implants might be painful for longer. The position of the implant is yet another cause of pain. The yet to bear children are likely to have more pain than moms.     

How to Relieve Pain     

Use a Pain Pump  

To deal with numbing once and for all, pain pump is a good companion. Pain pump will be highly needed for 2 to 3 days then you may use it sparingly. It helps avoid the side effects of the major anti-pain medication given after the big boob implant.     

Support Your Breasts  

big boob implants

Letting the boob hang freely is a big cause of pain. One sure way to reduce and control the pain is by keeping the boobs supported to their rightful place. To achieve this, a surgical bra might be necessary. In their absence, elastic bandage or ace wraps can be used.     

Light Exercises  

Little exercises targeting the chest area work very well to relieve pain. The target areas should be arm circles, corner chest stretches and shoulder rolls. The exercises are aimed at preventing muscle contraction. Targeted muscles include pectoralis and chest muscle. By avoiding the contraction of any of these muscles, big boob implant pain will be significantly avoided and reduced.     

Consult About Botox   

Don’t take Botox injection without proper consultation with your surgeon. Research indicates the importance of taking a Botox injection after the implant to relieve the pain. However, it is highly necessary that it is done only under the instruction of the surgeon.

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