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The Nature of Pain Care Specialists

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Pain is a universal feeling, a physical discomfort or suffering that’s triggered any various forms of injury or disease. Since every one experiences pain, pain care specialists have to exist to help address this feeling. But what does this professional do? The main goal of the pain care specialist is to determine the causative agent of your pain, make a treatment plan, execute the treatment and evaluate the results. For more info on pain care specialists, simply visit this page

Pain care specialists are a group of health care professionals who specialise in the assessment, diagnosis, treatment and evaluation of various types of pain. As we all know, pain is categorized in different types. There’s the acute and chronic type and there’s pain that’s felt by cancer patients.

Pain is triggered by different cases. You get this experience when you suffer from an injury, on a post-surgical procedure, nerve damage and even when you have cases like diabetes where metabolic problems can take place. Sometimes, you feel pain without any cause at all.

pain care specialists

As pain becomes more complex, pain management specialists have to continue upgrading themselves to fully understand its nature. Through continuous learning, they can assess patients with complicated health problems, find out the necessary diagnostic examinations, prescribing the right medications and determine the required procedure to treat the underlying condition. These health care professionals also serve a major role on patients undergoing physical therapy.

Determine the Type of Pain Care Specialist that you Need

Since the definition of pain is broad, the most important factor to consider when searching for a pain care specialist is to find the one with enough training to help you with the kind of pain you’re experiencing. Learn to know if that physician is properly trained and if he or she has a pain management board certificate.

Fellowship in pain management is one of the most accepted pain management education today. Most of these programs are accompanied with residency training in anaesthesiology. Some residency training also includes programs in rehabilitation, physical medicine and neurology.

The best recommendation to be referred to a pain management specialist is to talk to your family doctor. He or she surely knows someone with this training as pain management providers usually work together with doctors of Family Medicine.

Patients are also referred to these health care providers depending on the kind of pain they’re experiencing. Especially if you’re having a regular visit to a back surgeon, a cancer doctor or a neurologist, these professionals most likely have partners specializing in pain management.

Expectations on your First Visit

As always, a doctor would assess your condition on your first visit; this is also the case the first time you visit a pain management professional. An evaluation of the pain problem will be done, your medical history will be taken and a series of tests and physical exams will be implemented.

There are also cases when you’ll be given a questionnaire to answer before you visit the clinic for the first time. Moreover, you may be informed to bring with you any results from your previous diagnostic examinations such as x-ray, CT scan or MRI.


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