pain after breast surgery

Pain after breast surgery

Breast surgery

Breast cancer is among the leading causes of deaths in women across the world. Breast cancer is a real threat, but it can be controlled when diagnosed early. One of the most used ways to treat cancer is breast surgery.  

Breast surgery is not only done for treating breast cancer. There are also breast surgeries that you can undergo to enhance your breasts. Testimonies from patients who had breast lift at Melbourne-based plastic surgery clinics can help you decide if you want to undergo such breast surgeries.

Breast surgery is believed to be the most effective way, but it also comes with some side effects. One of the challenges that many people will undergo after having breast surgery is chronic pain, which can be severe at times.  

The leading cause of this pain is nerve injury, which may occur during the operation. Some nerves will also be cut making pain after breast surgery a common thing that many patients will undergo. So how do you treat this pain? 

Ways to treat pain after breast surgery 

A treatment plan to be used will depend on the type of pain and how severe or deep the pain is. But there are some proven ways that you can use to reduce or permanently cure the agony.  

Skin Creams 

If the pain isn’t that much deep, you can use skin creams to treat it. There are different skin creams such as Capsaicin, which will be used to handle any pain. These creams will act immediately, and the pain will get lowered. 

pain after breast surgery

You can also take some painkillers to reduce the pain. The pain may also be coming from depression, and you need to consider this when buying the drugs. When you get painkillers, you should also get medicines that are used to treat depression.  


If you don’t like pills, you can also get injections. Inject yourself with any drug that reduces nerve pain, but make sure you know how to do it. 


Surgery can be done to revise any scar that may be causing the pain or remove a neuroma. 

Physical and complementary therapies  

This will be done to relax your muscles. You can get biofeedback or acupuncture.  

When the pain is too severe, make sure you get help from an expert. If possible, go back to the same clinic where you had surgery done.

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