mouth guard for jaw pain

Mouth Guard for Jaw Pain


One of the simplest ways to help alleviate jaw pain or chronic jaw pain is to utilize a mouth guard. Each different kind of mouth guard works differently but most place the jaw in a different position or prevent the jaw from clenching and the teeth from grinding so that a patient’s pain is alleviated. Although sometimes, dental professionals recommend a jaw treatment to rectify jaw pain with the help of certain dental devices. If you’re looking for dental tools you can browse at /

It is important for persons who experience jaw pain to see their dentist or doctor. Ordering mouth guards on the internet or purchasing them over the counter will most likely not provide the correct fit. Dentists can help identify the correct cause of the jaw pain and help patients find the best mouth guard for jaw pain. They do this by examining patients in person and sometimes taking images of the jaw and performing other exams. Sometimes a specialist is required to properly identify the correct treatment. Dentists can also make adjustments to the fit of the mouth guard to ensure that it is lifting the bite correctly to alleviate jaw pain.

mouth guard for jaw pain

Common causes of jaw pain include teeth grinding, misalignment of the jaw, teeth misalignment, over active muscles in the jaw and erosion of the jaw disc. Jaw pain can affect more than just the jaw. It can cause headaches, clicking of the jaw, inability to open the mouth, problems chewing and opening the mouth, dizziness and pain in the ear, neck or face. Other health issues that can lead to jaw pain include arthritis, a lifestyle high in stress and reflux.

A mouth guard for jaw pain work by stopping the patient from grinding their teeth. There are also mouth guards that help realign the jaw. These types of mouth gaurds are worn 24 hours a day until the pain is relieved. Most mouth guards are worn only at nighttime after a possible initial full day wear plan.

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