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How to properly deal with loose tooth pain: Causes and prevention

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Loose tooth pain can be very bothersome. If a child has a loose tooth, it is normal because a new tooth will grow and take its place. However, for adults, it may be a cause for concern. This article will talk about how to deal with tooth pain. If you are experiencing extreme tooth pain, you can visit Randwick Smiles’ dental clinic.

Causes of loose teeth

There are many causes of loose tooth pain. This type of pain should never be taken lightly. If you suspect that you have a loose tooth, it is important to schedule an appointment with your dentist. Pain in your teeth or gums rarely comes alone. The first time you notice a loose tooth maybe while you are eating, brushing your teeth or doing other daily activities. There are various reasons why teeth can become loose.

Gum disease. Gum disease is caused by bad oral hygiene. If a person does not take care of their teeth, if they do not brush or floss regularly, there is a likelihood that gum disease will develop.

Teeth grinding. Bruxism can also cause tooth loss because of the pressure that is put on teeth when teeth grinding occurs. Some people who suffer from extreme teeth grinding have teeth that loose because they do not seek treatment for bruxism.

Injury to the teeth. If there is an injury that happens to the person, there is a chance that a tooth may come loose because of the injury or trauma.

Treatment for loose tooth pain

If you discover that you have the suspicion or have discovered that you have a loose tooth, there are ways on how you can cope with the pain. However, you need to seek treatment from your dentist to see which treatment methods they can suggest for your loose tooth. Dealing with the pain is just the first step, but your dentist will be the one to be able to treat the root cause of the pain, which is the loose tooth.loose tooth pain

Over-the-counter pain killers. If you are dealing with tooth pain, you can take anti-pain medication to dull the pain until you can see your dentist.

Cold compress. If there is swelling in your mouth, in the site of the loose tooth, a cold compress will help the swelling subside.

Saltwater gargle. Salt has natural pain-killing and antibacterial qualities. Doing a saltwater gargle can help get rid of the pain.

How to prevent teeth from becoming loose

Practicing good oral hygiene can ensure that no bacterial growth develops on the tooth and gums. If bacterial growth is limited, there will be fewer chances of loose teeth happening because of gum disease. Also, if you practice contact sports, make sure to wear a protective mouthguard to make sure that nothing will happen to your teeth as you practice the sport you love. A mouthguard can also help with teeth grinding. Taking to your dentist about preventive methods is a good way to prevent loose tooth pain and loose teeth in general.

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