How to manage pain after hip replacement surgery

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The pain on your hip is getting worse. It hurts while you stand, sit or when you are simply lying down or sitting. This is when you decide “just beat it am going to take that hip surgery”. After hip surgery, the pain is not expected to last for more than four weeks. Read through on how to manage the pain that you may be feeling after a hip surgery. 

Easing your pain after hip replacement surgery 

Before I take you through how you can ease your pain. I want to inform you that you can use various types of treatment to reduce the pain such as nerve blocks, seeking help from physical therapy, taking medicines, using cold ice and interactive therapies.  The following are ways on how to ease after hip replacement surgery pain: 

1.Stretch your legs out while raising them up, put a pack of cold ice to your incision. This will help to reduce swelling and it can work effectively after you have done activities such as walking or exercises.

2.The discomfort on your new joint and swelling of your legs is normal. But it is advice able to seek your surgeon’s attention to ensure it really is a normal swelling or discomfort on your new joint.   

3.Every recovery needs some good medicines to help your cells rebuild. Taking the prescribed pain medicines carefully as you were instructed by the surgeon is the number one effort of managing your pain.


But here are what you really need to keep in mind while you are taking your medicine:  

1.For pain medicines rich in acetaminophen such as Tylenol. It is advised by pharmacists to not take more than 4 grams of acetaminophen in 24 hours for it can damage your liver.  

2.Prescription pain medicine does not go well with alcohol. Avoiding taking alcohol until you are sure of full recovery.  

3.When taking narcotic pain medicines avoid driving because it makes you sleepy and can lead to another worse condition when you drive when you are sleepy.  

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