How painful is a tummy tuck recovery?

How painful is a tummy tuck recovery?

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There will be some sort of pain with any type of surgical procedure. Plastic surgery is no different. But how painful is a tummy tuck? Is it more or less painful than other procedures? There is more to read at


How painful is a tummy tuck recovery?

The road to recovery after any type of surgery is painful and sometimes takes longer. Since pain tolerance would be different for everyone, 

The recovery period would range from one to two weeks, and people will be able to return to normal activities after that time. However, it will realistically take around one to two months before you can go back to normal activities such as exercise and housework without feeling any pain. 


Things to consider

Before even thinking about getting a tummy tuck, here are a few things you should know beforehand. We hope that these things will help steer you into making an informed decision about having a tummy tuck surgery.


You need to have someone to help you for the first few days. You have to be able to find someone to help you with the house chores and housework after the operation. There will be a lot of pains that will accompany your recovery period.


You will be slouched and bent over for some time after the surgery. Expect this because the skin in your tummy area will be stretched. It will take some time to regain proper posture after this. For around two to three weeks, expect some backaches because of being slumped over. But this is nothing a little Bengay cannot solve. 

Do not expect to lose weight. A tummy tuck should not be used as a weight-loss treatment. You can expect to lose a few pounds because of the amount of tummy fat that will be removed, along with some skin, but then it is advised that people only undergo a tummy tuck when they are at their ideal weight range already.


Insurance will likely not cover the expense. One thing to take note of before eve considering this type of surgery is that since it is cosmetic, insurance will not likely cover it. 


If you are considering getting a tummy tuck surgery, consult your doctor if you are in the right state for it. There might also be other options that you can ask your doctor about, such as a liposuction treatment, from which you can recover much faster.


Your doctor will be able to advise you about any possible risks and also about the advantages of the procedure. They will probably tell you that no matter what kind of surgery you choose to have done, there will be some pain involved, no matter how high your pain tolerance is. There will be some emotional and physical pain, but then when you will have recovered and all the scars will have healed, you will feel much better about yourself. At the end of the day, that is what any cosmetic surgery aims to do for you.

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