gum pain when flossing

What’s The Feeling Of Gum Pain When Flossing

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For optimum dental health, it is vital that you floss, It is also important to visit your dentist for teeth whitening, but is there a gum pain after teeth whitening? In addition to brushing your teeth; it is recommended, to brush twice a day, brushing removes plaque that builds up in the coarse of the day, but flossing removes, not only plaque, but food particles in the spaces where your toothbrush cannot reach, such as in between your teeth and under the gum line; it is important to floss once per day, preferably, after your last meal in the evening and after brushing.

If you have only just begun to floss your teeth, feeling gum pain when flossing, is perfectly normal, and with time and practice, your flossing technique will improve and the discomfort should cease, however, if the pain persists for more than a month, it is time to seek the advice of a dentist.

gum pain when flossingReasons For Gum Pain When Flossing

As stated in the paragraph above, if you have never flossed your teeth before, and you have just started to do so, feeling gum pain when flossing, is to be expected, but there are other underlying factors that can cause irritation, let’s look at five reasons :


1) Incorrect Brushing And Flossing Technique

Your gums are comprised of delicate skin tissue, taking that into account, you need to be gentle, as vigorous brushing and flossing can cause bleeding and swollen gums.

2) Gum disease

The earliest and mildest form of gum disease is known as gingivitis, it is treatable, but if ignored for too long, it can lead to more chronic gum diseases. Gum pain, is often the first sign of gingivitis.  Periodontitis, is a more serious form of gum disease, it can lead to worse outcomes, such as loss of teeth or other serious health problems.

3) Tooth Abscess

Tooth abscess, do lead to painful and swollen gums, it is caused by a bacterial infection in the root of a tooth, the tooth will have a pus filled sac.

4) Poor Diet And Smoking

Another good reason to take better care of your health and quit smoking, eating foods high in salt and sugar and smoking, contribute to bleeding and painful gums.

5) Stress

When a person is stressed, a hormone, called cortisol, is released, which can lead to swelling throughout the body, in turn causing gums to feel swollen.

If you experience pain, do consult with a dentist but don’t disregard the importance of flossing as well as brushing your teeth, both are of great benefit to your health over all.

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