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First Aid and Dental Fix for Knocked Out Tooth

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A knocked-out tooth is a common occurrence in children and adults. There are over five million cases of a knocked-out tooth every year. Most of them cause injury in the face because of accidents or by a hard blow in the face resulting from playing contact sports. A knocked-out tooth can cause toothache and other dental problems. If you’re experiencing tooth pain from a knocked-out tooth, this dentist in Adelaide advices for toothache treatments and remedy you should do before visiting your dentist.

A quick dental fix is still possible to save the tooth if you take actions immediately. What to do if it knocks out your tooth? Do not panic and visit a dentist nearest you. Before going to the dentist, make sure you do the following steps to save your tooth:

  • Find the tooth immediately and handle it carefully. Hold the tooth by the crown and do not touch the root of the tooth.
  • Rinse the tooth carefully with water if it is dirty. Never use soap or any other chemical. Do not dry nor wrap it in any cloth or tissue paper.
  • After cleaning, try to put back the tooth in its socket immediately. Push the tooth gently and close your mouth slowly. Try to hold the tooth in place by biting down gently. Where your tooth is not complete, call your dentist immediately for advice.
  • Keep your tooth moist at all times. Whether it is in your mouth or not, keep it moist. If it is out, then put the tooth in milk, an emergency tooth preservation may be used.
dental fix

Go to your dentist immediately. The ideal time is to see your dentist within thirty minutes from injury. You can still save a tooth even if it is outside for an hour or more.

If you successfully re-implant the tooth, then you may not need any other treatment except for your regular dental check-up to make sure that everything went fine. A quick dental fix will do the trick in most cases.

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