essential oils for tooth pain

Essential Oils for Tooth Pain

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Ever experienced tooth pain before? Well, if yes then probably you understand how miserable it can be. According to specialists, there are a variety of pain from decayed tooth with multiple causes. The constant throbbing pain in the mouth can be tracked down to a specific cause which can either be inflamed or infected pulp. In many cases, dentists will give you antibiotics to kill the bacteria, causing infection. Alternatively, some essential oils can also help reduce pain.

These includes the following:

Clove oil
Clove oil is one of the best essential oils for toothaches according to medical literature. Scientists widely accept its effectiveness as a dental painkiller. Therefore, if you have tooth pain, there is little to worry about. Just dab a little clove essential oil and rub it into the affected tooth and gum, and you will start experiencing relief in a short while.

essential oils for tooth pain

Peppermint oil
Another useful essential oil for soothing or numbing tooth pain is peppermint oil. This oil contains medicinal components such as menthol which helps in numbing the pain in your teeth or gums. Besides, the menthol component is often effective in killing bacteria and removing anaerobic strains that thrive in the mouth. Most of the toothpaste and other mouthwash products contain this oil.

Cinnamon oil
Cinnamon oil is also another effective remedy for tooth pain. This oil works wonderfully in preventing gum diseases or gingivitis, which causes pain in the tooth. Due to its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, scientists have discovered that it is a vital ingredient to be used against Streptococcus mutan bacteria, which causes tooth decay. Therefore, to protect your teeth from microbes, fungal infection, and bacteria, use a few drops of cinnamon to wash your mouth.

Other Oils
Lavender oil, spearmint, ginger, and myrrh are other additional oils that can help in relieving tooth pain.

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