nipple pain after breast augmentation

Easing Nipple Pain After Breast Augmentation

Breast surgery

Are you feeling pain after breast augmentation? Sydney based surgeon warn that the presence of breast implants can make breast tissue abnormalities harder to detect. However, there’s no need to be so worried as this is very rare and complication rates are low. Also, it’s common to experience pain and discomfort after undergoing the breast surgery.
However, some ladies specifically experience some nipple pain after breast augmentation. If you’re one such lady, find out the causes and possible ways to manage the pain.

Causes of nipple pain after breast augmentation

There are certain things about you as well as the surgery that impact the extent of pain you’ll observe. The size of the implants has a direct relationship with nipple pain. If the implants are larger, you’ll endure more pain after the procedure.

Positioning of implants also affect the level and magnitude of pain. Implants placed beneath the chest, pectoral, or muscles hurt more and pose high discomfort to your nipples. This is mainly because your breast tissue around nipples is enduring more trauma.

How to relieve the pain?

While mild pain is okay, severe pain can be really discomforting. It can keep you from participating in your daily chores. As such, you need to find ways to ease the pain.

nipple pain after breast augmentation

Usually, surgeons prescribe generic pain relieving medicines to ease all sorts of pain after the procedure. However, if you experience more pain, you may seek specialized medications to heal the condition faster. After diagnosing the problem, your surgeon will prescribe suitable medications aimed at easing nipple pain.

Today, many healthcare companies offer a pain pump. It’s a device that offers numbing medication to the problem area around nipples for 2 to 3 days when the pain is severe.

Providing some sort of support to your breast will reduce nipple pain substantially. An elastic bandage or surgical bra could come in handy. Support your breast with these things to alleviate pain.

Bottom line

Nipple pain after breast augmentation can take a heavy toll on any woman. However, getting rid of the pain and discomfort is definitely possible. Stick to the above tips and you could ease your pain substantially.

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