What Causes Dental Implant Pain After 3 Months

What Causes Dental Implant Pain After 3 Months?

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Probably, one of your new year’s resolution is about that tooth issue that’s bothering you for the past year. Have you thought of getting a dental implant by now? Or probably it’s the other way around. You’ve had that persistent dental implant pain after 3 months. However, you’re not so sure if it’s normal or if you still need to tell your dentist about it. Either way, a dentist visit is important when it comes to any kind of dental health concerns. You may read about it at www.ssmirandadental.com.au/tooth-implant-pain/ especially if you’re not aware of the consequences of dental pain.


What Are Dental Implants For?

Dental implants are very much a popular term you may have heard from your friends, relatives, or family members. These dental prosthetics help align your teeth or replace missing or broken teeth. A dental implant is a newer technique used by many professional dental surgeons, making that perfect smile show again. What’s even better about it is that it’s not visible as it is placed directly on your gums. It gets grafted on the jawbone with screws and crowns to position it in place. You may want to ask more about dental implants from your trusted local dental clinic.

Reasons for Dental Implant Pain

You may have doubts about your dental implant surgery. It’s normal to experience swelling, bleeding, and pain after a few weeks or a month. Although, after 2 and a half months or more, you may want to check your teeth, gums, and mouth in the mirror.  Similarly, your dental implant pain concerns are as important as your other tooth, gum, or mouth pains. There are solutions about dental implant pain after 3 months. Though, the best way to learn about it is through a healthcare professional. Of course, don’t forget to check out our tips as you read along about them in this article.

Inflammation in Gums

One of the common reasons or causes of dental implant pain after 3 months is seen directly with the gum’s appearance. Your redness in the gums may tell you that your dental implants are having problems with your nerves. The dental implants that were surgically placed probably were too near the nerve tissues in your gums. In addition, the inflammation may also come from allergic reactions especially if your gums are rejecting the implants.

Gum Healing problems

An underlying medical condition may also cause the dental implant pain that you are experiencing. Some of the common dental diseases such as Gingivitis, Periodontitis, as well as nerve tissue damage. You may want to also take note of the symptoms you are having to help identify these dental conditions. Ask your dental doctor on what might be the causes of the dental healing problem.

Failed Dental Implant

When it comes to dental implant procedures, there are times such as a dental implant pain after 3 months that need a dentist visit again. A failed dental implant does not usually indicate a dentist’s surgical technique is a failure. Prepare for your dental implant restructure as this issue is an emergency. These failed dental implants need a thorough examination of the proper treatment. Contact your dentist right away including the number of months you’re enduring this pain.

A Dentist Visit Is A Must

Treating Dental Implant Pain After 3 Months

If you’re hesitant about getting a dental implant at first, you may have heard of how much dental implants cost around now. In fact, the dental implant market is booming and is predicted to have US$ 6,084 Million by 2026. It’s understandable and yet, it is also alarming if you’re not fully prepared for the surgery. If you want to avoid this pain, or if you’re already the patient who wants to eliminate the dental implant pain after 3 months, then always consult your dentist about it. A full mouth X-ray along with other physical examinations may help resolve your oral health issues.

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