pain after tooth implant

Containing the pain after tooth implant

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Dental implant surgery is not as painful as it looks. As a matter of fact, this dental team experienced in tooth implants in Sydney say that the surgery is painless. However, the healing process of the implant will not be the same. Pain after tooth implant is expected, and your dentist will prepare you for it in advance. Here is a highlight of what you should expect while you recover, as well as what to beware.

The Stressful but Relieving Seven Days

Subsequent to the tooth implant procedure – about 4 hours – the dental anesthesia will wear off and that moment will be the onset of your troubles. Naturally, you’ll feel tired considering the amount of time you spent in surgery as well as the pre-surgery stress you may have dealt with. From this moment, you may want to observe the post tooth implant instructions of your dentist. They may include things like:

•Avoid running
•Avoid hot or extremely cold food within the first 24 hours
•Avoid crunchy food or those that demand the molars to chew
•Avoid weight lifting
•No work out until the doctor says so
•No smoking – ever

pain after tooth implant

After 24 hours, you can gradually introduce hot and extremely cold foods in your meals, but still, stick to soft foods and avoid tough or crunchy ones.

A day after the implant procedure, swelling may have begun and may peak during the third to the fourth day. Use a bag of ice – however you like it – to contain the swelling and pain. Also, make use of the pain medications your dentist prescribed. Nonetheless, don’t abuse the painkillers because that behavior may introduce more problems.

By the fifth to the seventh day, the swelling should either have started to subside or it should have subsided and barely noticeable, if any.

The first seven days begin with pain – stress – but hopefully, end with little to no pain – relieve.

The Red Zone

In the event, after seven days you still experience intense pain around the site of the dental implant, that’s a sign that something is not right and you should consult your dentist. Things to watch out for include:

•Intense pain
•Increased swelling
•Struggling to chew
•Laxation of the implant
•Anything that causes you discomfort or concern

Pain after tooth implant is expected and there are measures to contain it. Nevertheless, if after seven days there is still intense pain and discomfort on account of the tooth implant, that’s a good indication that something is off and you should seek further medication attention.

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