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Can tooth and ear pain be related?

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We all sometimes experience pain. Often it is a toothache or pain in the ear. Have you ever wondered if these two types of pain can be related to each other? You can visit this dental clinic where Dr. Abdallah, a dentist near Casula, can help you when you experience dental problems.



Sometimes dentists are not able to relieve toothache! This is because the cause of a toothache may not be teeth at all, and not even gum inflammation – but a cold, migraine, or middle ear inflammation. In such a situation, you can only conduct a thorough examination and perform professional oral hygiene. For other troubles, contact your therapist.

Perhaps you or your friends had to deal with the following situation: a tooth got sick, you went to the dentist, he looked – everything is fine. Did the pain go away? You got an x-ray, the doctor looked, everything is fine again. The dentist is at a loss, the patient ceases to trust the doctor – after all, it hurts! The fact is that some diseases have the ability to “disguise themselves” as dental diseases while exhibiting symptoms very similar to a toothache. The patient should be attentive to his feelings, in detail and accurately answer the doctor’s questions, which will help to make the correct diagnosis.

Here are some diseases and conditions in which pain can be mistaken for a toothache. These are mainly diseases of adjacent areas (sinuses, organs of vision and hearing, throat, cervical vertebrae, brain). The cause can also be diseases of the heart and blood vessels, the musculoskeletal system (spine), the nervous system, as well as mental disorders.

Inflammation of the middle ear (otitis media) is a common disease, especially in children, caused by streptococci. It is well known that with diseases of chewing teeth, pain can be given to the ear area. Conversely, with inflammation of the middle ear, symptoms shift to the back of the upper and lower jaws. After diagnosis, the patient is referred to an otorhinolaryngologist.


Ear pain

Tooth and ear pain are related to each other, that is why problems with your teeth can cause pain in your ear. Ear pain is not the only pathology that can occur due to tooth problems. For example, nasal congestion, on the one hand, can be associated with inflammation of one of the facial nerves, which leads to periodontal disease or advanced caries. Also, untreated upper teeth can cause sinusitis: bacteria can easily penetrate the paranasal sinus through the tooth canals.

The ear hurts most often from the following problems:

  • tooth and ear painPulp inflammation. Getting on the tooth cold, hot or pressing on it causes sharp pain. Urgent treatment required.
  • The appearance of the wisdom tooth. The gum in its vicinity is often inflamed, it becomes painful to move the jaw, open and close the mouth, swallow. The ear hurts, and overall health worsens. The tooth may appear damaged and will have to be removed immediately.
  • Purulent-diffuse form of acute pulpitis. A tooth hurts greatly, the pain goes to the ear and to the head, orbit, and jaw. The pain is throbbing, the tooth calms down if you rinse your mouth with cold water. To eliminate this problem, treatment is required.
  • The neglected form of caries of molars. When touching a damaged tooth, pain in the ear intensifies.

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