Can A Chiropractor Prescribe Medicine?

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If you have visited a chiropractor’s office, you might have heard the term “Doctor of Chiropractic”. We might find ourselves asking can a chiropractor prescribe medicine?

Is a chiropractor a type of doctor?

Although they are considered to me medical providers, chiropractors are not medical degree holders. This means that they are not technically doctors. However, they do have extensive training in the field of chiropractic care. They also have to be certified to provide this type of care.

The road to becoming a chiropractor starts with a bachelor of science degree, then they go on to a more focused four-year study in the chiropractic field. This study would have both hands-on training and classroom-style learning. After that, they would also be subject to a residency period that would last for a little more than two years. The final icing on the cake would be a licensure examination. After passing, they would officially be licensed chiropractors.

What does a chiropractor do?

They can manually adjust the spine to treat many aches in the muscles, nervous system, ligaments, tendons, and bones. The focus of a chiropractor’s job would be to provide care centralized in the diagnosis and treatment of neuromuscular disorders. Most of the treatment they would provide would be based on the manipulation of the spine. They would be able to correct posture, pains in the body just based on the correction of the alignment of the spinal cord. Medicine is not part of the treatment that they would provide, as they would be able to provide a cure just using spinal alignment.

Can a chiropractor prescribe medicine?

Legally, chiropractors are not allowed to prescribe drugs. Most of the concepts of chiropractic care revolve around drug-free treatments, so they would not need to prescribe medicines to supplement their treatment. They use their skilled hands to correct the position of the spine to perform what is referred to as a “manipulation” that can cure pain discomfort.

If you require spinal manipulation, visiting the chiropractor is the right place to go. They have very effective methods that can help relieve aches and pains by correcting the alignment of the spine. They would do this just by the use of their hands and not by using any drugs. If you need a prescription, you would need to go to a medical doctor for this.

As mentioned earlier, most of the time, chiropractors provide treatment without the use of medicines. Also, they are not licensed to provide prescriptions.

If you are experiencing any type of muscle pain, before going to a chiropractor, it would be a good idea to consult your doctor first. Some people would benefit best by staying away from chiropractic care. Such as people who have osteoporosis or other diseases of the spine. If you do not have any spinal diseases, and you want to get rid of aches and pains without any medicines, a visit to a chiropractor can be life-changing. Our original question was “Can a chiropractor prescribe medicines?” The answer would be no because they don’t have to.

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